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Joseph Davis mug shot from 2018

Police arrested an accused child molester after attempting to get a fake ID at the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, a source told News 4 on Friday.

Sources said 71-year-old Joseph Davis is accused of trying to obtain false identification and illegally left California where he was facing several charges of child molestation.

A spokesperson for the DMV said an employee caught Davis with fake documents, trying to get a Nevada drivers license. News 4 learned that Davis had a fake social security card and birth certificate.
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Davis faces multiple charges of child molestation out of Morgan Hill, California, a community near San Jose. He was charged in 2016. Morgan Hill Police say he's scheduled for trial July 30, 2018.

Davis' many websites and social media accounts paint him in a different light. He lists himself as an acclaimed philanthropist, a man who published 32 U.S. patents and revolutionized the disk drive industry.

He is currently being held in the Washoe County Jail where he's expected to be extradited back to California. A spokeswoman for the DMV said she hopes to have more information for News 4 in the coming days.

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And z Kids Parents For Law The A An to Guide OYqHCqwd And z Kids Parents For Law The A An to Guide OYqHCqwd
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